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SAFE environmental enablers

– Products made from 100% natural ingredients

– promotes activity and exercise

– stimulates the natural chewing, nesting instinct

– reduces abnormal, aggressive or apathetic behaviour

– keeps you warm

Timothy cubes (hay cubes) tgm/rabbit feed supplement, high fibre content

GLP Fun Tunnels


– Mini – Mouse

– Standard – mouse, rat

– Giant – tgm

Sterile, easy to use with long life. Ideal as a hiding place but also stimulates activity
Des.Res.product line
(autoclavable, quality certificate by column )
Environmentally friendly, animal cage accessory that significantly improves the living conditions of the animals.

90x100x60mm reinforced polycarbonate. Red in colour, with a two-sided in and out passage as well as a top spout hole, which also facilitates handling of the product.


Recommended for mice.


The range of products available is inexhaustible, and if you are interested, we can recommend products based on the species of animal, the type of use, and the specific purpose. Please contact us.