Environment enrichment products

Környezetgazdagító termékek rágcsálók, nyulak, kutyák, macskák, madarak, stb… részére. Segítünk választani igénye szerint.




Timothy Cubes (hay cubes) guinea pig/rabbit diet supplement with high fiber content  
Safe Crincklets Natural (paper nesting material) Creates a soft and comfortable layer, ideal as a nest or bedding. High absorbancy keeps the nest dry. Mice, rats, hamsters.  
Safe Roll (nesting cotton) Pressed, cotton rolls for the animals to build a dust-proof nest. Biologically degradable.
Mice, rats, hamsters.

GLP Fun Tunnels

–          Mini – mice

–          Standard – mice, rat

–          Giant – guinea pigs

Sterilizable, long-term usage. Ideal for hiding, but also stimulates activity.  
Des.Res. Products
Autoclavable, Quality certification according to batch

Environmentally friendly cage additions, an excellent way to improve living conditions in laboratory housing.  

Additional products available upon request.